Nick Muir in the ADE Taxi


Nick Muir in the ADE Taxi

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This new series is in English. Because we want our foreign guests to read it. Like renowned Dj, producer and musical partner of John Digweed, Nick Muir. Who Mick Boskamp took out for a ride and a talk in our special ADE Taxi (video).

Car by Kia e-Niro, camera's by Budgetcam, editing by Alexander Forest

I know the legendary Nick Muir for a long, long time. Since June 6thof the year 1998 to be precise. That was the day that I picked up premiere league Dj John Digweed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Nick accompanied his musical other half. I still have fond memories of our first get together. John was supposed to perform at a festival in Utrecht, but that was cancelled due to heavy weather. John, Nick and Nick Warren, who was there as well, all went to my place where the lady of the house (my girlfriend at the time) cooked us an Indonesian meal to die for. We stayed friends and stayed in touch. Until the beginning of the new Millennium when, for no other reasons than change, recovery and reflection, I lost sight of him. Or better: he lost sight of me. So when I heard he was going to spin at the ADE 2019, I looked him up. And when you are friends, lost years don't exist. You pick up the conversation right there where you left it. Watch the video. I know for sure that you will like it. And keep in mind that Nick, solo or with John, produced and remixed +/- 150 quality dance tracks! We're talking about a legend indeed...